Astral Systems

About Us

History of Astral Systems

Astral Systems was founded by Geoff Sekfy in 1984 and is now approaching its fourth decade of continuous production. In 2004, Astral Systems was handed over to his son Peter Sekfy and business partner Ricki Shiner who have been steadily growing the business.

Before starting the business Geoff had always been involved in the building and construction industry. In 1975, he worked for a well respected company whose principal activity was metal roofing, but it also manufactured skylights.  In early 1970’s the skylight industry, using mainly plastic domes, was in its infancy. Geoff began working with architects who were seeking a more unique and bespoke product. 


Rise of Curved Plastic Glazing

Then curved plastic glazing, in the form of barrel vaults began to come into vogue.  This new form of roof glazing provided an opportunity to glaze larger and irregularly shaped areas. The first glazing mullions developed for barrel vault glazing were two dimensional. Some manufacturers made crude attempts to adapt existing glazing mullions to accommodate glazing in three dimensions.  Geoff developed and patented a three dimensional glazing mullion that would accommodate transitional structural glazing in three dimensions. With this development he was able to satisfy most architectural requirements for plastic glazing.

For a number of years Astral Systems specialised in mainly plastic roof glazing but towards the end of the 1980s and early 1990s, the use of glass roof glazing was increasing in popularity. Architectural design began to focus on open spaces and interest in atriums expanded.  The rapid development of variations in types of glass to satisfy demand superseded anything plastic had to offer in roof glazing.

Astral's Retractable Roofs

With the transition to glass roofing, Astral Systems developed a gasket system to simplify glazing known as the Astral E.C. Gasket. With the Astral E.C. Gasket glazing system, an existing structural frame can be used or the structural frame is manufactured and installed by Astral Systems. We most commonly use galvanized rolled hollow sections with flush joints ensuring a neat architectural finish on exposed structural elements.

When Astral Systems started building structural elements for glass roofing, a trend also began toward retractable roofing. Astral Systems is a pioneer in the art of constructing retractable roofs both glazed and solid. The means to power the roof can be tailored to suit client needs as we have experience in water pressure, hydraulic, electric as well as manual operation.

All Roof Glazing Needs

With Astral Systems advance into glazing with glass has come the opportunity to construct conservatories. Astral Systems has constructed traditional English style conservatories, modern contemporary conservatories and commercial greenhouses.

Astral Systems are the specialists in glass roofs, retractable roofing, conservatories and various other types of roof glazing. If you have a requirement for either of the above whether it is simple or complicated we’ll help provide a solution.